Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Book review: You Can Achieve More


     Attractive and colourful design by S.D. Ali. Letters are not too small in font, bold are the quotes which are important and not to be missed.

     Most motivational books have similar theme. Many short stories with an insightful message or moral at the end. Chapters over chapters screaming importance of perseverance, positive attitude, self and mutual trust, persistence, balance and the list goes on..

     The reader gets a short lived 'feel-good' dopamine boost. Many times deep rooted psychological problems stay the way they are.

     This book is not only about how to get rich or how to be professionally successful but emphasizes on emotional health, physical health, wealth and good relationships altogether.

     Author gives guidelines about how to use this book to achieve more is by personalizing the inferences or quotes as reader sees fit for himself.

     Every chapter is not more than 5 pages long, so that reader can take pauses in between to think and meditate over an idea.

     There is a dedicated page for 'action plan' after every chapter, which is the most interesting about the book. Sort of like homework after a chapter in curriculum books. It is to keep reader mindfully engaged and self reflected. The questions and the 1 to 10 or good to bad scales are designed to make reader self aware of his strengths, weaknesses, priorities, actions or lack thereof.

     This book plays a role of a good mentor and a journal for self reinvention if used sincerely the way it is designed.

     Overall a satisfactory self help book, but do check out 'Road less travelled' too for digging deeper into your psyche and understanding yourself.

(Received this book from Vivek Tejuja for an honest review)