Friday, 2 February 2018

Pinto has an idea a book review

Young pinto (Rajat Shrivastava) is a out of the box thinker, who is highly observent. Such are the qualities help him to get good education with his parental financial sacrifices and support.

Pinto is a perfect mixture of Dilip Prabhavalkar's "Bokya" and Prakash Sant's "Lampan"

One practical invention after another, pinto climbs the steps of fame and fortune with Lavanya, his love of life as a fellow researcher.

Will he lose his personal life as he goes deeper and deeper in his research and by joining politics? Where do you draw that line?

Rajeev Saxena has managed to describe young pinto and his experiences touching and witty enough to make you feel nostalgic.

Descriptions have become repetitive as plot thickens, but that's all right.

Rajeev has touched almost all genres effortlessly one after another without losing the overall plot.

Overall a witty, interesting read.

(I received this book from Vivek Tejuja for an honest review)

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